About Us


IZEX-KOBI Industry Co., LTD. is a company with a strong R/D team that designs and develops professional CCTV equipment.
With our efficient production facilities, we supply high quality and cost-effective CCTV products.

Customer satisfaction is our main goal.
With expertise in electronic communication and all aspects of computer technology, we provide a total solution to customers in all areas.
If you are looking for quality commitment, contact us today.
We will always focus our priorities on your needs.

The company has maintained its growth by offering its customers innovative, quality products and superior customer service.
In addition, it offers more products, systems, and technical support to OEM and ODM customers.
To see our full range of products, and for further information please visit our website or contact us.

Company Tour

Founded in 1994, IZEX-KOBI Technology Co., LTD. is specializing in high quality, cost-effective CCTV products.
With expertise in electronics, communications and all aspects of computer technology, we provide cameras, speed dome camera system, multiplexers, digital video recorder, lan cam system and other related products for the CCTV industry.

We understand that the CCTV & Vehicle System fitted become more integrated with Telecommunications, Computer & Industrial fields and we will support multi-function and intelligent CCTV products & Vehicle System products.
We have been involved in the CCTV & Vehicle System business for many years. Base on our experiences in the marketing and engineering, we know how to serve our customers well. We welcome all kinds of cooperation such as OEM & ODM.

Worldwide Distributorship

We have our exclusive distributors in Northern Ireland, Hungary, Russia, Japan, and Australia.
As well as a number of big and small businesses worldwide.
Your interest in being our distributor in your country is highly welcome.